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Business Therapy

In Business Therapy, we offer a number of services which helps our clients ensure their businesses are getting the best financially in the circumstances they are in. In this part we Get our clients to consult us as and when needed on all financial issues as and when they come about Carry out business investigations […]
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Tax Compliance Services

We also do offer tax compliance services for the monthly taxes of PAYE, NSSF, VAT and Withholding Tax. The services offered include calculation/computation, filling of relevant forms and submission of liabilities to the relevant tax authorities. For the yearly taxes like income tax/corporation tax, we do help in the process of preparing the accounts for […]
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Running of Accounts Systems

For some clients, on completion of set-up, we do supervise the running of their accounts system. This is done by us providing a staff member who visits the client for a certain amount of time a certain number of days in a week. The number/hours for these visits depends on the workload in the client’s […]
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Set Up of Accounts Systems

On completion of training, AR Limited then goes into setting up and running accountancy systems for firms, both new and already existing ones. For set up, this is done by first studying the firms and the environment in which they operate. Thereafter, a system is designed for the firm based on the findings of the […]
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We carry out the training in various common accounting packages, having got working experience in several of these packages. However, we do specialize in an accounts package called QuickBooks. Our training normally runs for a total of 5 days for 3 hours each day. After this period, the trained personnel are usually able to move […]
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