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Set Up of Accounts Systems

On completion of training, AR Limited then goes into setting up and running accountancy systems for firms, both new and already existing ones.

For set up, this is done by first studying the firms and the environment in which they operate. Thereafter, a system is designed for the firm based on the findings of the study. These systems are in all cases computer-based systems.

An accounts package is selected which will suit the firm’s operations is purchased and installed on the firm’s computers.

Thereafter, the accounts procedures (how to write vouchers, banking procedures and documentation, payroll taxes procedures and documentation, etc) are taught to the firm’s accounts staff.

At the same time, the postings to the accounts package of all the financial transactions are then carried out by the client staff under our supervision.

The final step is usually the training of how to generate the various reports that can be obtained by the package and which reports should be made by whom for whom, when, etc.

The set-up fee ranges depending on the workload and other circumstances but ranges from U. Shs 3,000,000 to U. Shs 6,000,000 (before VAT).